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What is Staffers all about?
Staffers LLC was born to provide staffing services to the medical community. Staffers provides skilled, compassionate and devoted nurses and nursing assistants to an array of health care partners in need of temporary staffing. At Staffers, we are passionate about caring for others and this defines everything we do. We focus on providing outstanding experiences to four key groups:  The facilities and care centers we provide support to, our staff which make everything we do possible, and the people and families we provide care for.

Foundational Belief
We create outstanding experiences everyday

Founding Principles
Staffers was created to assist the community with serving our seniors and their families. We are passionate about caring for those in need and as a result creating outstanding experiences for our customers.   Our success depends upon our ability to create a culture that fosters and rewards the positive experiences we create.

Core Values

At the foundation of any successful organization are a set of core values.  These core values serve as the key principles which the organization and its members follow.  At Staffers, these values are:


We provide services that reflect care, consideration, genuineness, and respect for all customers.


We keep our promises and can count on each other.


We always maintain a positive attitude which is vital to our customer experience.


We embrace some level flexibility in order to deliver excellent customer service.


We encourage and foster a work environment that is fun and inspires employees to take joy in their work.

Exceed Expectations

We respect our customer’s moods, their feelings and each other at all times. 


We respect our customer’s moods, their feelings and each other at all times. 


We ensure all of our customers are 100% satisfied with the services delivered.

These core values are the basis of how we do business. They are the framework for how we act day-to-day. 

Core Values


Byron Kirton

Byron Kirton


Byron Kirton graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah in Business Management. Upon graduation, he pursued Doctoral studies in Management at the University of Utah with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior. As a gifted teacher and speaker, he received excellent student reviews. After completing all coursework, he began his dissertation. Finding that he was driven toward developing practical tools for working managers and problem solving real world issues he left academia with all but his dissertation receiving instead a Masters in Management degree.

Using his strategy and research skills, he developed business plans, coached others in entrepreneurial endeavors and formed a start-up art marketing business. He managed all aspects of the art business until the economic downturn in 2007, thereafter pulling the business into a skeletal form while simultaneously completing a project for a Skilled Nursing home company in the western United States proposing strategies for recruiting during times of labor shortage.

The proposal was well received, and Byron was asked to join the team. In operationalizing his proposed model, the company saved over three million dollars in the first full year. As recruiting needs stabilized, Byron was asked to shift his focus to employee development and human relations objectives, improving culture and efficiency, improving employee satisfaction and reducing turnover. He developed training programs, provided leadership coaching, and supported the company as their Senior Vice President of Human resources supporting over 7000 employees. He is also honored to serve as a board member for a not for profit that serves the mentally ill community in the Salt Lake Valley.

Ada Mayhew

Ada Mayhew

VP of Operations

Ada Mayhew obtained a Bachelors of Business Administration, with a concentration in Heath Service Management. She has a strong background in the human side of health care. She has served as a Client Service Manager for a healthcare staffing company for nearly three years. She then served HCR Manor Care for 13 years as an Admissions Director, Human Resources Director, and a Divisional Recruiter. She knows well the staffing needs of skilled nursing, home health and other health care entities. She has healthcare sales in her background and knows how to run an efficient operation. She is passionate about ensuring that business goals are achieved and that clients are well served. Ada is an excellent communicator and has been very successful in all her undertakings.


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